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Feast in Italy 2019

feastinitaly Welcome and Greetings from Italy!
Thank you for your interest in celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles with the Italian brethren. You are certainly most welcome! In 2018 we’ll celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles again at the peaceful sea town south of Rome. The Feast Hotel provides us with a cozy and beautiful meeting hall equipped with efficient lighting, sound system and modern amenities. The good deal is also that the full board price is being kept quite low and it will be the same even for any extra days immediately before or after the Feast. English language ministers and experienced speakers – as well as piano players and special music performers – are most welcome. if you do not know the Italian language, the good news is that Church services at the Feast will be held alternately in English and Italian languages, with simultaneous translation. Headphones will be provided on site. English language is spoken and understood by a good number of Italian brethren who are looking very much forward to fellowshipping with you in Christ.

Our feast site has proven to be most suitable to the spirituality of the Feast, as it is surrounded by sunny dunes and lakes and the sea. The entire area appears to the visitor as an incomparable witness of the perfect fusion of natural elements, which draws us closer to our Creator God, the greatest artist of all. The climate at our feast site s very mild: night and day temperature: 67-95°F.
Do you wish preliminary Information? Please Get Your Feast Password:
To get your Feast Password, you need to register or submit your preliminary Feast Application through our English language website FEASTINITALY.ORG
Do you already have a Feast Password, then you can access your Feast Booking Form through its LOGIN PAGE.
Feast Registration/Booking Process: After submitting your Feast Application, you will receive a Feast Password to your e-mail address. (To make sure you received your Feast Password, please look for it in your email spam box also.)
Your Feast Password will allow you to enter (login to) your private “Feast Booking-Seven Step Form”, where you can make and submit your bookings as a preliminary step. Also, instruction on how to SECURE your Feast bookings will be sent to your e-mail address.

Where To Land: Brethren from overseas should plan to land at the “FCO” (Leonardo Da Vinci – Rome International Airport). Airport Pick-up and Transportation to/from the Feast Hotel (or the Airport) shall be provided on any day immediately before and after the Feast. 

Serving With Your Talents: English language UCG ministers and experienced speakers – as well as piano players and special music performers – are needed and most welcome. There is much you can do by your talents and spirit of service. The Church in Italy welcomes non-Italian brethren with specific talents and skills. And there is great satisfaction in serving. Jesus Christ said, “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving” (Acts 20:35). Do you have experience in song leading? Can you give sermonettes and/or sermons? Can you play the piano to accompany hymns and singers? Would you like to join our Feast English speaking choir? Do you have experience in directing a choir? Even children choir? Have you ever served as Sabbath School teacher? Are you a Special Music or Talent Show performer? Family Day organizer? Group leader while touring? Swimming pool life guard? First Aid certificate? Other qualifications? You will be most welcome! If you plan to attend the Feast of Tabernacles in Italy and wish to serve with your talent, please remember to specify it in your Feast of Tabernacles Registration Form. Your involvement in making the Feast a greater success to God’s glory will be welcome and appreciated. You can abtain more information by applying through our English language web site FEASTINITALY.ORG

The Italian Brethren and I hope to see you at the Feast in Italy in 2017.

Church Email:

Warm regards
Carmelo Anastasi, Festival coordinator